Walls Are Down

Walls Are Down Ministries embodies the vision of tearing down barriers and building bridges of hope and restoration. Our purpose is to activate the restored and redeemed, connecting with existing ministries and prayerfully considering church plants as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission & Vision

Empowering Restoration, Reviving Communities

At Walls Are Down Ministries, our mission is to empower restoration and revival in communities across the Southeastern USA. Guided by the vision of tearing down barriers and building bridges of hope, we activate individuals to step into their calling, facilitating transformative ministry activation and fostering unity and purpose. Through Spirit-led direction and collaborative efforts, we envision a region renewed by the transformative power of the Gospel, where lives are restored and communities are revitalized. Join us in this journey of rebuilding and revival as we tear down walls and build bridges toward a brighter future for all.

Meetings to be Announced

Stay tuned for upcoming gatherings at Walls Are Down Ministries, where we cultivate community and connection. Keep an eye out for announcements about our meetings, where we engage in meaningful discussions, worship, and prayer. Whether you’re seeking spiritual renewal or eager to connect with like-minded individuals, our gatherings offer a welcoming space for all. Join us as we unite in our mission to tear down walls and build bridges of hope and restoration in the Southeastern USA and beyond.

Benton Tucker Ministries

Join us in the journey of empowering lives and renewing spirits at Benton Tucker Ministries. Experience the transformative power of faith as we collectively strive to rebuild, restore, and revive lives in the light of our shared vision.