Pastor. Husband. Father. Small Business Owner.

Pastor Benton is the pastor of House of Prayer and Promise Church, founder of Walls Are Down Ministries, and proud resident of Rickman, TN.
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House of Prayer and Promise Church

House of Prayer and Promise, under the visionary leadership of Pastor Benton Tucker, is a vibrant community dedicated to spiritual renewal and empowerment. Join us on a journey of worship, fellowship, and growth, as we embrace the transformative power of faith together.

Breaking Barriers: Walls Are Down Ministries

At Walls Are Down Ministries, we are on a mission to dismantle the barriers that hold back lives and communities. Discover a ministry dedicated to rebuilding, reviving, and resettling—bringing hope and restoration to the Southeastern USA and beyond.


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Statement of Faith

Explore the Core Beliefs Guiding BTM's Mission.


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Our Mission & Vision

Our Call to Renew, Restore, and Revive Lives Across the Southeastern USA

Pastor Benton Tucker envisions a spiritual landscape where lives are renewed, purpose is restored, and communities are revived. Grounded in a profound commitment to answering the call of Nehemiah’s assignment, Pastor Benton passionately leads the charge in rebuilding, reviving, and resettling lives across the Southeastern USA. His vision, deeply rooted in faith and guided by biblical principles, seeks to create a sanctuary of empowerment and transformation. Through House of Prayer and Promise Church and Walls Are Down Ministries, Pastor Benton Tucker strives to be a beacon of hope, breaking down barriers and building bridges for all who seek spiritual renewal and a fresh start in their journey of faith.

Benton Tucker Ministries

Join us in the journey of empowering lives and renewing spirits at Benton Tucker Ministries. Experience the transformative power of faith as we collectively strive to rebuild, restore, and revive lives in the light of our shared vision.